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1. Zerts Integration of Medicine, Business and Medical Consulting //Властная вертикаль федерации, 2016г.

2. VIII International Reabiletology Conference.  Presentation : " Sussesful management and promotion commercial entity"//2016.

3. VII Annual Conference of Assosiation of private clinics " Pattern of promotion of private clinics by  Consept Technology"//2016.

4. International Conference og management of private clinics "Key point of sucsess of private clinics "// 2017

5. "Step by step. How to open private clinic. Concept Technology"//Генеральный директор, 2017г.

6. Comments to article "Investment Strategy "//Генеральный директор, 2017г.

7. V International Conference OGZDRAV 2017 Presentation  "Key point of sesses of private clinics"//2017.

8.Medical Equipment Episod 1//TV "Business Index", 2017г. Text

9. Medical Equipment Episod 2//TV "Business Index", 2017. Text

10. Medical Equipment Episod 3//TV "Business Index", 2017. Text

11. Medical Equipment Episod 4//TV "Business Index", 2017г. Text

12. Market research and competative advantages of private clinics // YouTube, 2017

13. How setup sucessfull medical business?// YouTube, 2017.

14. Secrets of Medical Business // YouTube, 2017.

15. How to prepare profitable Marketing Plan // YouTube, 2017.

16. Invitation to seminar for Medical clinic management // YouTube, 2017.

17. Buying medical business. Pros and Contros //YouTube, 2017.

18. Search of new clients for private clinic .//YouTube, 2017.

19. Setup of new medical center or private clinics // YouTube, 2017.

20. Effective management of medical business // YouTube, 2017.

21. Main reasons for company audit. Crisis management //YouTube, 2017.

22. 10 steps to setup profitable private clinic // YouTube, 2017.

23. Concept of Medical business. Base for sussesfull medical clinic // YouTube, 2017.

24. How to attract patients in private clinics ?//YouTube, 2017.

25. "Special exibitions as an effective market tool for promotion of medical company "// ХII Annual conference "Exibitions. Trends and Technologies ", 2017.

26. "Lovely Painter "/ Газета "Ведомости" приложение "Как потратить", 2017г.




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